Hey there!

This is the bit where I state some dead profound reason for having this blog and inflicting my rambling on the world, and some noble cause as to which raise awareness or fight for or feel fit to change peoples views on the world.

The truth is I don’t really have any of those things off the top of my head. I see a few , quite a few which seem to have a specific theme or reason for being which is impressive to me , I can only hope to find that level of dedication one day I might do that one day on here.

I’m too much of a scatterbrain I’m afraid, my minds like a pinball machine bouncing from one thing to another.

Like, love , indifference, hate,obsession, sadness just bouncing from one thing to another, that’s mainly why my blog is called daily obsessions as my mind flutters through fleeting obsession at a rate of nots then on to the next thing, doesn’t often last longer than a day although a few do , (Breaking Bad, Harry Potter,Girls,Catfish I’m looking at you!)

I’ve  always had diaries because its always for me been a cathartic way of getting rid, transferring I suppose in a way my worries & anxieties day  to day, as a teen who suffered from Depression, Anxiety it became a good way of getting it out and it never mattered how garbled, crappy it was on a page no-one was going to see. But there also lies the issue ,its an inanimate object , it doesn’t think, react, respond offer any feedback at  all on your true expressions and feelings , it begins and ends on he page. I suppose that’s where blogs can be handy.

If you keep it anon enough you can put whatever you like and see how people respond truly  and honestly in an environment where people are also in a position to put whatever they like, all so very liberating  I suppose.

I’ve been thinking about the double standard though when it often comes to blogging the effort to remain anon so people cannot know its you but are keen to take the credit for whatever you’ve posted as your organic thoughts,feelings everyone wants the credit but not the crap,

As well as the ability to filter feedback , you can bin the not so nice ones , I’ve done this mi’self  guilty, everyone does.

So it appears online as a gleaming report as how well everything you  post is or isn’t received,

Controlling what you share or don’t share.

How people see you,  and how people see others responding to you, hmm all very cake and eating it.

This doesn’t mean I’m becoming a marytr who won’t bin the keyboard warriors haha 🙂

I apologize to anyone who trudged through that , I do have a habit of trailing off…….

Hope to speak to you all soon 🙂


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