Breaking Bad : Rabid Dog.

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(any pics I use are not mine)

Finally got to see the latest Breaking Bad episode, I’m in the UK  so I think I might be a day, or 2 behind US schedule.

Its safe to say the last two, including the latest have probably been the most eventful so far in the series and certainly ramping up the drama ready for the finale.

I cannot believe there are only 4 episodes left, how will they wrap it all up neatly packaged in 4 episodes? or not so neatly it is BB after all, I’ll trust in Vince Gilligan to work his magic there.

I was surprised to see the White household still standing in the opening, the rate of notts Jesse was going I was surprised anyone could stop him , of course it isn’t until slightly later on in the episode that we find out he didn’t “Change his mind” so to speak in the way Walt believes.

The scene where Walt’s epic, dragged out, overly long unnecessary detailed (as most liars do) story about how  his house got covered in gasoline. Is where I think BB does awkward situational  humour  v. well its a dark drama that’s undoubtedly very funny for this reason.

Walt Jnr smells a rat and in cleverish scene pleads his dad to “Just’ tell the truth” cue a panic, bemused look on Walt’s  face …He feels his dad is lying and passed out  and is lying to hide he is ill again.

Skyler is becoming more interesting, her rational worry about what will happen when trouble knocks on their door due to his work, is a fresh alternative to Walts outrageously layed back ‘were fine’ approach.

Cranston is such a good actor you often wonder is Walt really that blaise? or just another one he spins his wife to ‘protect her’ from the reality of the ever increasing trouble coming toward him.

I loved the scene in Saul’s Car,

I think Saul’s a very underrated character, He puts across his point about how Jesse, in his opinion should be dealt with.

“Old yeller, everybody loved that mut , but one day he showed up rabid . And little Timmy for his sake, well, …you saw the movie!”

Saul never actually explicitly puts it into words, or mentions death, killing or any of his shady dealings

When we first come across Mike , Saul has sent him there to “deal with” the messy inconvenience of Jesse’s junkie girlfriend choking to death on her own vomit. And cleaning it all up so no traces are found by the police that could land Jesse into trouble , even telling him what to say so the goes as smoothly as possible.

I suppose that’s the point of euphemism, never having to say the things out loud, makes it easier to go on as if these things don’t really happen, or its less crude, criminal , personal because its in terms of ‘business’ .

Walt comments on how his vocab is littered with ‘colourful metaphors’  and warns him not to imply killing Jesse again, touching in a strange way as it shoes even trying to burn his house down didn’t sour Walt’s warped care for Jesse.

But then becomes hypocritical even darkly comic as Walt then tries to defend what he did to Brock, and Saul wonders how well a ‘nuanced discussion on the virtues of child poisoning’ will go down with an increasingly volatile Jesse.

I apologize to gloss over Marie’s  parts , I think the therapy scene would only have been made a bit  interesting if she had sneakily revealed something key  to the therapist, now I suspect he still just feels shes an irratating , highly strung woman,

 and watching a fictional therapist getting as irritated by her as I do isn’t all that entertaining. The posion bit raised a smile but not much more, I keep waiting for her to do/be involved in something interesting.

Like going  Klepto on a huge bag of money, a la no country for old men and nailbiting avasion from the cartel,  or kidnapped  or something!!!!

Ridiculous I know but one can hope!

I think although I would have enjoyed watching her cope with someone like Jesse in her house. I sense a few missed opportunities to make Marie more funny interesting character but I suppose being the kind of character she is, it would perhaps too easy to cross over into caricature mode.

Well, I suppose I didn’t really gloss over but hey ho.

The Moment with Hank sort of tied in with the theme in this episode the Walt cares for Jesse, mentioning he made him 50/50 and didn’t have to etc. And the quick flash of comtempt to Gormie when he left the room was interesting, he’s still junkie scum on some level to Hank.

The Showdown was fairly clever, I knew from the Off the man was just unfortunately placed, as I suspect did other viewers, but everything flows so well in this series I think viewers would forgive more predictable plots.

Jesse just keeps messing up thought doesn’t he ? Although I’m interested to know how he’s going to ‘get him’,

He seems to swing from understandable although slightly petulant eruptive mood swings to coherant criminal genius in a rate of notts. I’m intersted to know what his last card is…

As I suspect ,is Hanks  & his blood pressure, its been up and down more times than a brides nightie this season , and we’ve got 4 episodes left!

Great ending with WW ringing Todd to offer his uncle another job, the mastermind behind the wonderful multiple prison murder sequence last series …spells trouble for Jesse but cliffhanger for us.